The official date of Brexit is ultimately set on January 1 st, 2021. However, as a result of Brexit, British people risk losing their .eu domain name. After all, a requirement for registering a .eu is that the owner of the domain name must reside within the European Union.

All Britons living in Great Britain will therefore have to renounce their .eu domain name. At the moment, there are still more than 100.000 European domain names registered by British people living in Great Britain.

How can you still use your .eu domain name after January 1 st, 2021? Our trustee service offers the solution.

How does our trustee service work?
- Officially, you cannot remain the owner of your .eu domain name if you do not have an official address within the territory of the European Union. You must therefore transfer your domain name to us via a transfer of the domain name. We have an official address in Belgium and therefore within the European Union.

- You will therefore no longer own your domain name but we will manage the domain name for you for GBP 30 per year.

- Managing the domain name means that we link the domain name via the dns servers to your existing web hosting or that the domain name is automatically redirected to your new website. Outwardly, nothing will change about your presence on the internet. This remains valid as long as you pay the annual cost of GBP 30.

- Do I remain the owner of the domain name? No, the domain name will be transferred to Jerco, but you can continue to use the domain name as you did before. This means that the domain name can be linked to your existing web hosting or your new website.

- How much does your trustee service cost? The cost is GBP 30 per year.

- Can I transfer my website to a domain name with a different extension (for example .com, .net, .uk, .co.uk)? Yes, you can set up a new website with a different domain name and your old .eu domain name can automatically be linked to this via a redirecting.

- Can I keep my ranking in the search engines if I start a new website with a different domain name? If you link your old .eu domain name to a new website with a redirect, in theory your ranking in the search engines will be maintained (even though we canít guarantee that).

- Can my email addresses on the .eu domain name be preserved? Yes, if the .eu domain name remains linked to your web hosting. When you decide to set up a new website with a new domain name, the email addresses can be linked with email forwarding.

Who are we?
Jerco is a Belgian company who has been offering internet services since the year 2002. We manage hundreds of websites for customers in Belgium and abroad.
Our address and company number are: Jerco, Beverestraat 48, 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium, BE 0644.366.743

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